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Girl Scout Giftcard

Girl Scout Giftcard

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   Think your loved ones would enjoy a bold piece but not sure exactly what they like? Maybe you have an idea but don’t want to order the wrong size! The Girl Scout Giftcard is a great way to help your bestie get their hands on a groovy pair of hand painted boots ✨

Available from as low as £25 to £300 Girl Scout Giftcards! 

The perfect Christmas gift for someone you know with funky taste, who needs a little magic in their life!! As I’ll be away from December 13th- January 2nd unfortunately I am unable to guarantee anymore commission spaces / orders in time for Christmas. All orders placed while I’m away, and the shop is closed, are placed on a “Pre-order” basis. Meaning I won’t get to your order until I’m back in the UK! 💕 Purchase a great stocking stuffer and easily redeemable Gift card to my shop :) 

Once you place your gift card order, a unique code will be sent to your email. Which you can then forward to the lucky person to redeem! 

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